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How It Started

I created my business with the dream of bringing desire back to small-town support.

In the beginning Mockingjay was born- focusing on social media for small businesses. I aimed to raise awareness and insight to small towns, restaurants, and events. It became so much more!

How It's Going

Through community connections, I became the manager of the Snohomish Farmers Market in 2015, having no real experience in this realm.  But, I learned as I went and am happily now the Director of the Snohomish Farmers market for the last 8 seasons. 


In 2019, along came another market in need of direction!  I'm celebrating 5 years as the Director of the Stanwood Farmers Market.


I'm also the creator of the Lake Stevens Farmers Market, which opened in the midst of the 2020 Covid19 pandemic to the overwhelming support of the community.   In these roles, I curate an engaging mix, working for local artisans, creators, and farmers. 

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